Friday, December 27, 2013

LUCKY CHARM #4: Eat Chocolate

Found this pic on "The Kitchy Kitchen" blog that I follow.  Yum!  Doesn't it look scrumptious?  And who doesn't love chocolate?  I plan to bake this little treat for New Years.  

My funny story behind chocolate.  My daughter is a chocoholic.  I used to buy her many clothing articles in white.  Well, I stopped doing that because - without fail - she would dribble some form of chocolate (albeit ice cream, candy bar, cake) on her clothes, that wouldn't come out with washing.  By the way, she's the one who really got me into eating lots of chocolate.  Cheers!!

Saturday, December 21, 2013


This is Bianca, a black Labrador Retriever from the Daily Puppy.  
She is one hot little mama.  I grew up with dogs so they are my first love.  I also had a cat - they are my second love.  Whether a dog, cat, iguana, turtle or pig, I think having a pet is a good thing.  It lowers blood pressure, calms nerves and really is just so rewarding.  However, only if we can do so with responsibility.  Taking care of another living being requires a total commitment   So, if not some cute little thang like Bianca, perhaps fish.  Cheers!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

LUCKY CHARM #2: Love Yourself!

Many people - for many reasons - not feeling good about themselves, fearing solitude, settling for less than they deserve, or thinking no one else could possible love them if the other person knew the real them, get involved in relationships unbecoming to their true spirits.  

How many of us run from one relationship to another hoping that this one is "IT?"  Trying to make "it" work this time.  It's akin to making your size seven shoe fit into a size six.  It's not going to work.  This is really unfortunate behavior.  I read somewhere that we must love our neighbors as we love ourselves.  This is why self-love is so vital.  A quote by Yoruba Priestess and motivational speaker, Iyanla Vanzant, suggests we ask ourselves this question -- WOULD YOU MARRY YOU?  If not, why are you pawning yourself off on other people?  The late, great poet Audre Lorde spoke about us being the love we seek.   

I am of the mindset that we are perfect just as we are.  We don't need fixing, certain vocations.  We don't need to live in any particular neighborhood, nor do we need to look a certain way.  We are whole, complete entities.  Believing in your value -- this is how we must face the world everyday, every time we walk out of our homes into the world.  You have to know the value, the worth you bring to the table.  If you don't understand and realize your own worth, know one else will.  You will get your ass kicked in the world if you do not first love, accept, cherish, and treat yourself with the respect you deserve.  Only then will the universe respond in kind.  Cheers!!


While not having my TV connected -- because I choose not to watch mindless TV -- and not listening to the radio either, I had no idea that President Mandela had passed away.  Of course when I found out, my heart ached.  A man of strength, character, charm, integrity, honor, wit and gentleness, he will be sorely missed.  I think President Obama got it right when he said in memory of Mandela, "When you need strength for whatever struggle/problem you are going through, think about Madiva."  

I'll end with a wonderful quote from President Mandela, a titan among humans, "As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew that if I didn't leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I'd still be in prison.  

Question?  How is it that people love all the colors of the rainbow, but not all the colors of human beings?  The color of a person's skin does not determine their character.  True character is determined by a person's integrity.  Cheers!!

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