Friday, February 19, 2010


Ahhh, I feel like this flower looks.  Beaufiful!  Pink is for self-love.  This weekend is school time for me.  All day Saturday and Sunday.  Phew!  By the time 2:00p.m. rolls around though, I'm usually very sleepy, let me rephrase that -- dog tired.  That's because I sometimes don't get to bed until around 1:00a.m.  Then I awake at 6am.  I make my coffee before I take my shower.  This gives me enough time to just lolly around before I have to get dressed, and out the house to catch the bus -- if I don't hire car service.  That's just a smart way of saying taking a taxi.  So, why didn't I just say take a taxi?  I don't know.  But, classes are very interesting and I have wonderful professors.  I'm taking weekend advance courses in substance abuse treatment.  Yes ladies and gentlemen that's what I do for a living.  I counsel people who are addicted to alcohol and other drugs.  I'm not complaining.  Actually, it's a very interesting field.  I get to meet all sorts of people from various backgrounds.  Young, old, all ethnicities, religions, rich, and poor.  I really enjoy what I do.  I feel I am making a significant difference in the world.  As Ghandi put it so well, "You have to be the change you seek."  I truly believe that.  We -- I mean, I -- can not change anyone.  People have to want to change.  I can only change my behaviors, beliefs, etc.  Then, hopefully, if they are positive changes, someone might what to challenge themselves and make a change.  Anydiddles, I just want to wish everyone I blog with a happy, inspiring and peaceful weekend.

P. S. Yes, JoJo I went and changed my blog again.


  1. Wouldn't it be nice if someone named a rose after our Vincent.

  2. LMAO at your comment to me! I cracked up! :D

    You are truly an inspiration. I wish I didn't have such a crappy attitude and temper, but I'm so jaded, frustrated, stressed out & bummed out.

  3. Ahhh, sorry to hear that you are tired and aggrevated. Glad my comment made ya smile and that you are "Official." So, what's got you so annoyed and exasperated? Are you anxious about moving forward with you Ebay thing? I don't go to bed until 12ish. It's 10:17p.m. now. If you want someone to talk to, we can talk via email. I used to now how to use IM, - shorter response times compared to email, blog - but I haven't use that system since 2004. Anydoodles, leave a message in my email whether you want to chat. Cheers JoJo!!


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