Saturday, February 6, 2010


We didn't get a lick of snow here where I live in lower Westchester.  It snowed in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island and even the Bronx.  They even canceled classes today at my school.  Well, needless to say I am very disappointed.


  1. Lower Westchester? My family settled in Yonkers when they arrived from Italy. I spent a good part of my childhood down there.

  2. OH, HELL NO!! YOUR KIDDING? OMG, I used to work in Yonkers. OMG JoJo. It is a small world indeed.
    You know, I don't believe in coincidences. I believe things happen for a reason.

    Out of the millions, probably a billion people on the net, and we ended up chatting with each other. Wow, talk about karma.

  3. I know! My family was mostly settled on or near Nodine Hill. Alder Street, Elm Street, Spruce, Linden, Oliver Ave. My grandmother was on Alder, right down the street from the big water tower. Just off Rumsey Road. We used to stay at the Holiday Inn Motel in the Sky off Tuckahoe Road. Some cousins and aunts/uncles lived over by Yonkers Raceway; you could see the clock from Jean & Skee's kitchen window. Lost my fave cowboy hat in Junung's at the Cross County Shopping Center.

    My great grandfather was employed by the Celli Family, a wealthy family from the same town in Italy as my family. He was able to sponsor his wife & first 2 kids (my aunt & grandmother) to make the journey in 1911. That's why they settled in Yonkers.

  4. Think yourself very lucky! No snow = good news as far as I'm concerned.

  5. That's a wonderful story JoJo. I know exactly where the places are that you speak about. One of the buses I used to take to go to work goes right past Rumsey Road. I used to shop at Cross County all the time when I lived in Mount Vernon. I don't get to shop there much these days though. The last time I was there -- June 09 -- with my daughter, they were renovating the mall. You wouldn't even recognize Cross County Mall now. They have made some great improvements not only visually, but better stores.

    P. S. So I can truly call you a "home girl."

  6. I think most people would agree with you Val. Shoveling sidewalks, driveways, etc., can be hard on some people. Thanx God I don't have to contend with that kinda stuff. I guess that's why I enjoy the snow so much. Cheers!!

  7. Count me in as a snow-lover... ;)
    Though we rarely have these White-Out conditions that you get in the US...

  8. Hey T. I thought you'd be sleep by now. Maybe I confused the time? Anydoodles, I love the snow! As a matter of fact I like winter, spring, and autumn. I canst take the summer though -- not a heat person. Anydiddles, I got out of class about 6pm. So now I watching the Superbowl. Go Saints!

    What's the time difference between where you live and NY, USA? Cheers T!!

  9. Oh, you calculated right, I should so be in bed right now, it's 2:40 a.m.
    I'm six hours ahead of EST, but I was talking to outerbankschick.


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