Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I do not believe that a woman has to have children to be a mother.  ALL women are mothers; are endowed with feminine power!  I had a co-worker who was not able to conceive, but she had such a beautiful spirit.  She would have made an amazing mother.  All women should embrace their innate power - not just for one day, but EVERYDAY!  Women are phenomenal.  We have the power to heal and transform the world.  We must take responsibility for the healing of our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual selves.  Let us define for ourselves who we are.  We must no longer accept crap from ourselves nor from anyone else. We need to love ourselves and each other.  Cheers!!

P. S. To all the Vixens (with the Prince at the helm, of course!)


  1. Sorry to be the one to break the mould, but a mother I am not, in any sense of the word. I knew age 12 that I was not to the slightest extent maternal.

    Having his babies is the ONLY thing I would never have done for Mr D'O.

  2. Well, I am a Mom. 3 times over, and wouldn't change it for anything. My kids are a huge blessing in my life.
    And yes in fairytale world, I would have Vincent's baby, and I'd keep trying over and over again.;D

  3. Well, I've never taken crap from anyone so.... ;p

    Val, I don't agree that you aren't maternal. You love and dote on your animal children as much as any parent loves their human children. I knew from the time I was a child that I didn't want kids, but I'd kill anyone who tried to hurt my dogs.

  4. Actually my "little blessings" are being "big pains in ass" right now.
    My two oldest fight over doing the dishes almost every night. It drives me crazy!

  5. I know what you mean, JoJo, but is that being maternal? Isn't there a special word, like "animaternal"? Let's invent it.

    BTW, I am busy slagging off some people over at Daily Squee over the baby ferrets in a glass that they seem to think are cute, and I think is abuse. It's getting a bit anti-American, but only because they are the kinds of arrogant SoBs I know my American friends dislike so much.

  6. Animaternal is PERFECT Val!!! I love it!!!

  7. JoJo - Ha. I get the feeling that you don't take shit off of people. I need help in that area. Cheers!!

    Val - I was going to same the same thing that JoJo said. My sister (bless the dead) had a child. God knows she had no business having. But, my neice turned out to be a lovely young lady. So, she must have done something right! We'll speak with Webster about animaternal. Haahaha. Ferrets locked up in cages is cruel. Cheers!!

    Bev - what can I say? Kids will be kids. When my ex-fiance and I co-habitated, I tried to get his daughter and mine to alternate nights, first, then weeks with the dishes. However, that didn't work out so well. So he ended up doing them because at that time I was in school full-time, doing my internship full-time and working full-time. My daughter is the star in my sky and I'm very proud of her. Cheers!!


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