Tuesday, August 16, 2011

FOLLOW YOUR TRUTH, FOLLOW YOUR HEART: Broadening the Parameters of Your Life

It's been a little more than a year since I have watched t.v.  Why it's only been two months since I began listening to the radio again.  Inasmuch as I don't watch t.v. much, in fact, not at all, this has been the perfect "meantime" for me to find other ways in which to enhance my life.  Such as self-cultivation, knowledge, improving family relationships, increasing my health and exploring my creative side.  I have surrounded myself with more positive people.  I volunteer with the elderly - preparing meals for the homebound and I read to children who suffer from ADHD.  I'm even thinking of returning to school to further my education.  I have let go of old, stale, unfulfilling relationships, bad habits, self-depreciation.  The results have been dynamic. 

Since turning 50, (glides hand over mouth to muffle sound) lol! I have been on a quest to deepen my awareness of the things in life that have greater meaning to me.  According to Erikson, 50 is a time in a person's life where the challenge is between generativity vs stagnation.  When we fear inactivity and meaninglessness.  When we don't get through this stage we can become stagnate.  I blog with a woman name JoJo and she did a very brave and incredible thing.  She left her life on the west coast to begin a new life here on the east coast.  I only dream of doing something as daring and dashing as that.  I so applaud her efforts.  I believe, in my heart, that if it were just me I would leave NY.  But I have a daughter, albeit she is 29, I would never dream of leaving her here and move out of state.  Some people may think that fear is the driving force behind this decision, and perhaps so. 

I think at this point I must explain "meantime."  Meantime is a time in a person's life when they are experiencing a transition.  It could be a divorce, a setback, a break up of a relationship, the death of a love one or a financial loss, children move out - empty nest syndrome.  This transitional period is a time for self-reflection.  A time to get to know who you are, to figure out what you want to do in life.  It's a time to do some space clearing and remove clutter from your life.  Mental, physical, emotional clutter.  It's a time for healing - a spiritual journey, if you will.  The results are phenomenol, liberating.  You begin to feel wonderful about who you are because you realize that you are more than a physical being.  You are spirit.  You gain greater clarity about the true aspect of life.  You feel lighter, happier.  Things you thought meant something to you no longer have meaning for you.  You are freer to express yourself.  You don't give a damn about what others say.  You begin to live your life the way you want to live.  The way you were meant to live.  You take back power you have been giving away for so long. 

I am not talking about hurting people or not caring about what your family, friends or love ones say.  But a true freedom, where you can listen to others' opinions, respect them, but make your own choices.  Hell if you want to wear a purple shirt with orange polka dots go for it! - who cares?  It's about you taking your own inventory.  If you are in a great relationship, fine.  Great!  But, if not, then having a relationship is not top on your list.  It's not the be all end all.  I take that back.  You are interested in a relationship only this time it is with yourself.  Loving you.  Honoring you.  Cherishing you.  Doing for you.  Remember - when you take care of self, you are helping to take care of others, and when others are happy you are happy.  Joseph Campbell said it best "Follow your bliss."  So, don't die with your music left inside.  Hey, I plan to live until 101 years old.  So the next 50 years of my life are going to be the BEST!!!  Cheers!! 

P. S.  There is no definate time period for going through the meantime.  It can last anywheres from one year to 20 years.


  1. Not watching tv for a year that is what I should do but how? I think that is not for me. I in my early 20's when "meantime" start to creep in. Following your heart and truth takes a lot of risk and sometimes the road is thorny though roses came out from time to time but brings me to become mature and yes broaden my perspective.
    Deciding to come over here in the US where I don't know a single soul is a huge leap but I trusted my hubby. Is that daring or not? Well that is very daring move and thankfully everything was fine though along the way tears were shed from time to time. Come to think of a new culture, tradition, weather, foo and everything is new to me it is a shock. It takes time to adjust but I was able to adjust. I follow and it broadened my perspective in life!! ^_^ Thanks for the post!! Happy Tuesday!

  2. A very thoughtful and well worded post. I enjoyed it very much. I'm going to celebrate my 59th birthday this month ... the last year for my fifties! I have loved my 50's. They have been the best for discovering more about myself, exploring, and just being ME! I'm thinking the 60's are going to be that much better. I would have been nice to have discovered all this at a younger age, but I think each of our decades are necessary to arrive at a place of acceptance and wonder!


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