Monday, August 8, 2011


I was going to a doctor appointment when I spotted an elderly woman, hands shaking like she had parkinson's, trying to open up the passenger side of her car.  Upon approaching the vehicle, trying to see if I saw anyone else with her - in the back seat, driver side or even in the front passenger seat.  I didn't see a single soul.  Nope not one person.  I gasped at the thought of this woman driving, much less ALONE!  Now don't get me wrong I love the eldery.  Volunteer with them every Tuesday.  To me they are a cool, hip population to work with.  I think they are bright and some are quick as lightening.  There's one name Blanche.  Blanche is quick-witted, very charming and smart.  Blanche told me she got a ticket.  She said that there was a car in front of her who also ran the red light, so she followed suit and made the right on light.  She told me that she recieved a ticket in the mail a week later.  We have cameras on street corners - watching everything we do nowadays.  I told Blanche to fight the ticket.  She said she would, but that she was afraid that once they found out her age - 90!!!- they would revoke her drivers license.  Another senior named Mr. A. is a holocoust survivor.  He has a lot of gitty-up in his step.  He gets around better than most 50 year olds I know.  He will - get this - turn 101!!!!!!!!!! years old in a couple of months.  And, that's not all, he just surrendered his license 3 months ago!!  Blanche is hard of hearing in her left ear and Mr. A wears hearing aids in both ears.  Now I ask you good folk -- JUST HOW OLD IS TOO DAMN OLD TO DRIVE A CAR? 


  1. I think I have to disagree with you about Blanche. Instead of telling her to fight the ticket, you should have contacted her family or someone about recommending that she no longer drive. We have had some deadly accidents where an elderly man suffered a heart attack and ended up crashing, killing his wife and some people enjoying a day in the park. Another man, 81 years old, owner of a popular farm nearby, drove erratically through a construction zone and killed 5 workers. They were all under 50 years old. I'm all for freedom for seniors but maybe there needs to be testing every few years and a required physical exam.

  2. I think she should not drive since many drivers on the road are crazy. Like your post! And thanks for the visit!


  3. Nantz - I am not implying that I condone her driving by asking her to fight the ticket. However, when I saw the lady standing there at the side of her car door trying to open it - while shaking - right then and there I decided that HELL no - I don't think she should get in her care and drive. Now we are touching upon a touchy subject. The elderly are a strong population with which to contend. They got the mighty power of the vote and they use it. They are a force to reckon with. Second, are we discriminating against people in their 70's, 80's, 90's and 100's who are capable of safely driving? Age doesnt' equal inability. I, too, believe that there should be a test to determine soundness in sight, hearing, balance, etc.

    As far as me saying something to a family member? Most of these seniors live alone. Some have families that shop for them, others don't. Some family members don't care enough. Those that do are lucky. A few are isolated and live lonely existances and that's sad. Blanche fortunately has a host of relatives who care about her. In fact her oldest daughter gave her a birthday party last month in honor of Blanche turning 90!! You do bring up a good point, though. Cheers!!

    Kim, USA - I found your blog through Daryl. She's phenomenal and her photography is outstanding. Your blog is so beautiful and you take the most wonderful pics. Your cat blog was the great. I had a girl cat named Butterfingers. Unfortunately she passed away last September. Yes, there are a many crazy drivers on the road. Many unscrupulous peopl drink. However, as Nanzt states some just keel over from a heart attack - causing accidents. It's a catch 22. Thank you for the visit and I wish for a long and happy friendship. Cheers!!

  4. It's a tough call ... it's hard for seniors to give up that last bit of freedom. With it comes isolation. I doubt there are any good answers that can apply to all ages.

  5. I'm not discriminating against seniors...I've worked jobs taking care of them...but, it's a safety concern. Look, I've seen the fallout of people having access to vehicles and what can happen. We had a man get in his car and just disappear, no one could find him and he didn't say where he was going. His family was frantic until he came back. His car was taken away from him. I think there are some that have the ability to drive yet the facts cannot be ignored. Poor eyesight, slower reaction times, health concerns and not keeping up with the rules of the road cannot be ignored.

  6. I think we all made some very good points. It is a tough call. Cheers!!


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