Monday, October 17, 2011


I agree, there are many women who are self-conscious about their bodies at every weight, every age, every point in the monthly cycle.  However, is it okay to act, feel, be sexy, sensual, playful, flirtatious, mischievous and rebellious if you are bountiful?  Do large women have to behave in a conservative, average, middle-of-the-road kind of way?  Not a problem for me!  I am large and in charge!  In charge of what you may ask?  My image, my emotions, my thoughts.  I wear sexy undergarments, think sexy thoughts, and I am very aware of my sensual and sexual self.

Feeling sexy and good about yourself is certainly a bountiful way to live your life.  Just because a woman is bountiful doesn't mean that she assumes she isn't desirable.  For example, I expect to be accepted.  When I meet men, my first thought is whether or not I'm interested in them not the other way around.  It doesn't occur to me to be insecure about my sexual attractiveness.  

Being yourself rather than trying to fit into someone else's mold draws people with similar interests into your life.  Sure I carry more than my ideal weight.  But I still love the feel of silky clothes on my body; I love to be touched and to touch.  I am full of life and I show my body by wearing clothes that let people know I am a woman.  Besides, I could put a sackcloth on and no one would ever consider me anything other.  Some women of various sizes do not want to be "girly girls," I do and I have a great time doing it.  Like many women, I too have both a critic and a champion within me.  I confront my critic who shouts - I can't, shouldn't, don't you dare, don't even think about it.  The champion side of me however, says go for it, do it, you deserve it. 

I believe within the bounds of honest, good judgement, women of all sizes need to embrace abundant experiences.  So whether you are voluptuous, curveceous, ample, substantial or RIPE - which to me indicates juicy, full, sweet and mellow - BE SEXY AND LIVE A BOUNTIFUL LIFE.  Cheers!!


  1. Sometimes I'm confused. I first thought you were a guy for having bobby as a name. Now reading this blog tells me you're a woman too. Oops.

    A Ladybug's Life


  2. I adore you!
    funny timing for this post since it comes right after my celebrating my cleavage at the wedding this weekend
    at first I felt too big and old to be all sassy but then I got my self back

  3. Bugz - I am going to kill you - LMAO! I also have as my photo a pic of a man. My fave actor from Law & Order: Criminal Intent - VINCENT D'ONOFRIO. Wickedly handsome isn't he? You are not the first person I have fooled - not that that was my intention. My first username was Mimi. A nickname given to me by my ex-fiance because my name is Michelle. But, then, after some thought I chose Bobbybegood1. Some blogbuddies call me simply - BBG. Cheers!!

    Dianne - I adore you, too. I see so many women who showcase their cleaveage EVERYDAY! In my humble opinion - no need. It's tacky. I think, if done tastefully, displaying your womaness is appropriate - certainly at a wedding. I'm so happy that you decided to "get yourself back." Cheers!!

  4. I really thought you are a man lol!! This post confirm 100% that you are a woman because you nail every single feeling, thought and words of what women wants in their body. I am Asian so I have a different body structure that some women in another race like. Like I don't need to be tanned for I have 365 days tanned skin hahaha. Though I am not voluptuous but what the heck, Victoria Secret is the answer for that lol!! When I reached the age of 40 I was confused I don't know what to do everything change until I accept the reality that I can be sexy without showing skin that much. But it doesn't mean I don't have the roller coaster ride every month, oh yes I have my fair share of a bad hair day! LOL!
    Thanks for the visit and hey, I was inspired of your post about plants that purify the air. We are abundant in these kind of plants in the Philippines but didn't realized how special they are and here in the US I have to buy it for a whooping $20.00, geezz! Now I have at least five of them. Thanks for that info, winter is fast approaching and that's when we need a lot of air purifier, that comes naturally!
    Happy Monday and thanks for the space ^_^


  5. How'd I miss this ... nice post, my friend!

  6. Kim - LOL! I've gotten that a lot - people thinking I am a man. I think it is wonderfully funny. Puleez, I love Victoria Secret clothing, too. No matter what a woman's shape or size, she would do herself a world of good if she chooses to be happy with her inner qualities as well as her outers. I love visiting you site. You have such great information to share and I admire your photographs. You are such an inspriation to me. Winter? After 104 degrees here in NY, I'm ready for it. Cheers Kim!!

    reena - When I read your play about "Plumpness" I almost died. I so identified with the birds. I have put on a couple of pounds, but that didn't stop me from buying Blue Bunny ice cream - YUM! When I wasn't able to visit your blog last week, I felt so depressed - you have no idea. Your words, posts are so uplifting to me. Cheers reena!!

  7. Good For you!! I am glad to hear you feel comfortable in your own skin.


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