Tuesday, November 15, 2011


First Lady Michelle Obama.  Beauty and brains.  She's gorgeous, intelligent, caring.  The All-American girl. 
                               Former First Lady Eleanor Roosvelt.  What character!  She was a brilliant, compassionate trailblazer and she had a wonderful sense of humor, too.  She changed American politics.
Coretta Scott King and Betty Shabazz.  Both of these women's husbands were gunned down in cold blood challenging the status quo in America.  They could have given up, but, instead, held their heads high in quiet nobility.  They raised their children to become caring, responsible, bright citizens and realized their husbands ambitions.

Queen Elizabeth.  What grace and poise!  What style and beauty!  She has a reserved, quiet, dignified character.  Even as a child she showed compassion to a country on the brink of destruction.  I have always admired and adored her Queen Elizabeth.  Cheers!!


  1. It was funny when Michelle Obama met the Queen and put her arm round her - mere mortals are not supposed to touch Her Majesty!

  2. Val - LOL!!! You are tooooooooo funny, my dear. That is a classic pic. Seriously, though, I feel like I have this connection to Her Majesty - I do. We are both born under the same sign. What do ya think about that? Underneath all that reserved exterior lies a very down-to-earth woman. It peeks through every now and again. Cheers!!

  3. Ok .. I had a typo in that last comment ... ugh! Whoops!

  4. reena - At times, I am not the brightest star in the galaxy. So, what were you trying to spell?

    I should have also mentioned that included in those Sheros are my mamma and daughter. Cheers!!


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