Thursday, January 12, 2012

THE INSIDE DETAILS OF A QUEEN'S PURSE: What Every Dignified Woman Should Have

I was watching CBS This Morning yesterday morning and an anchor interviewing a woman who wrote a book entitled "ELIZABETH THE QUEEN:  Inside The Life of a Modern Monarch revealed what Her Majesty keeps tucked away inside her purse."  Just getting another look of Her Majesty was a thrill in and of itself, but finding out what the contents of her pocketbook was indeed a facinating treat.  It's the same as any ordinary woman's purse:  lipstick, Kleenex, and a comb.  She's so impeccable.  She's not the Queen for naught.  Cherio!!


  1. I don't know what my fasination is with reading about The Queen, King... Royalty of England. Maybe it stems from all little girls want to meet their prince charming and become a princess.

    I used to love reading a Diannah (Is that spelled right?) I am not much into the younger ones though.

  2. I was going to tell you, if you put the twitter tool bar on the blog posts, I will tweet your posts for you.

    Do you happen to be on twitter?

  3. Yes, I do have a twitter account. Right now I'm in the classroom and don't have time to use the computer (sneaking right now to use) but I will tomorrow. Thanks. Cheers!!

  4. Sorry, but we have to pay vast amounts of money for this independently ultra-wealthy woman, so I'm not keen.


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