Monday, April 23, 2012


I was watching The Doctors on CBS and one of the topics was about flirting.  Unbeknownst to me there are five ways in which people can flirt.  First, is the PHYSICAL.  People who flirt this way use touch to communicate.  They develop relationships quickly and seek the deepest emotional connection.  Those who use this form of flirting hope that the relationship lasts.  Second, is the TRADITIONAL way.  This form allows the man to "take the lead" - to be in charge - you know - pay for dinner.  LOL!  Third, is PLAYFUL.  This form allows for the "chase."  People who follow this form are very playful.  Batting eyes, smiling, romping.  Acting child-like but not childish.  It boosts self-esteem.  Fourth is the POLITE form of flirting.  I never heard of this form.  These people like rules.  They enjoy the slow approach.  They take their time.  The Pointer Sisters song "Slow Hand" comes to mind when I think of this approach.  Haha.  Last is the SINCERE approach.  These folk are interested in the emotional aspect of flirting.  Their interests lie in longevity.  The long haul.  According to the doctors on The Doctors the best ones are playful, traditional and the physical.  I like them all and at one point or other used them all.  All seem to have their pros and cons.  Which ones do you like and implement when you are flirting - even with your hubbys or wifeys, if you happened to be wedded kind?  Cheers!!


  1. I guess I go for the traditional way. I was never much of a flirter. I would of felt like a real fool batting my eyes, my Hubs probably would of ask if I had something in my eye.

  2. I saw that episode too
    it was funny when they were talking about the study saying sincere wasn't the most successful

    I think I use them at all

  3. I probably like the sincere approach although in my youth, I probably used all!!! LOL!

  4. each couple finds their own way!

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } (°>


  5. I love each response.

    Terry - You crack me up!

    Dianne - Like you I also was thrown aback that Sincere was not among the best. If you don't have longevity, you gots nothing. I believe you have to be in it for the long haul.

    Reena - I think I have used them all at some point in my life also.

    Cloudia - Truer words were never spoken. I agree with you.


  6. Once some one accused me of being flirting impaired, so I'm thinking I'm the 5th and least effective form of a flirt, sincere. Oh well. ;(


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