Friday, September 14, 2012


For the past month or so I have been seeing feathers.  I think it strange because I just finished reading The Secret (can't remember the author).  

A man in one of the stories told of how he focused his mind on finding a feather.  Not just any feather, but to his specifications.  This was to indicate how powerful the mind is in detetermining expectations and how thinking happy, positive thoughts can bring into your life what you dream.  For a while now, I too, have been seeing feathers.  Not with any exactness on my part, though.  Hmmm, what could it all mean?  Cheers!!


  1. I think Rod Serling has been visiting you while you sleep. LOL... you probably don't know who I am talking about.

    Seriously, I googled what does seeing feathers mean. Answer an angel is near. Another answer.... You are walking to close to birds.

    Okay, I don't know what it means. Do you have an idea yourself?

  2. Did you know that in some states, keeping a Bald Eagle Feather could result in $100 fine? I wouldn't know a bald eagle feather from a crows feather.

  3. Terry - you are funny as all get out. Yes, I know exactly who Rod Serling was. I like the angel near theory, though. And, no I have no clue yet. Cheers my friend!!

    AWTY - Whoa! I had no idea. What if you found a dead Bald Eagle's feather? Would they still fine ya? I have only seen black crows, so I'm assuming that their feathers would be all black. Bald Eagle's might have some black feathers, but not all black. But one never knows. Cheers!!


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