Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Name Change

I want to extend a special hello to all my blogbuddies in blogsphere.  As you can see I have re-named my blog.  I believe that everyone can live/have a charmed life.  First, we must show gratitude for even small wonders like having air, shelter, food.  Sounds trite, but so very true.  My deepest desire is that all who visit this blog will leave encouraged, uplifted and happy.  Cheers!!


  1. I like it and I think that anything is possible including living a charmed life. Cheers!

  2. How sweet and wonderful a woman you are Nancy.

    I by no means go around whistling a happy tune all the time - just MOST of the time. Life is filled with ups and downs. One thing I realize is that there are many people who go each day without someone smiling at them, without someone thinking positive about them, without anyone saying anything uplifting to them. That can be very difficult for anyone to handle. Not only do we need to feel good about ourselves, but it's also important that others feel good about us too. No one is an island, and those who think that they need absolutely no one - have distorted thinking. Cheers!!

  3. Love the new change!! Can't wait to see all you are going to post about. I have you on my blog roll on my new blog.
    Not sure if I told you I started a new blog too.... got sick of writing sick posts on My Journey With Candida.

  4. AWTY - Thanx for the flower. Kudos to you for starting another blog. I know it is going to be great. Is it up and running yet? I went to your blog site but was unable to find. Cheers!!

  5. Congratulations--that's a big, bold step! Surely a charmed one!

  6. Thanks for visiting me! Have to admit I like this background much more than the one from a few hours ago:) Wanted to ask whose blog (Dianne -do you see what I see) it is you saw my blog? Like to visit her again! Thanks for writing me back!

  7. Hello Emille,

    Thanx. I frequently change my blog background. I like this one, too. Dianne's blog is Do You See What I See. It's a wonderful blog. Cheers!!


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