Monday, November 26, 2012


Color is seductive, mesmerizing.  Life offers us a scintillating array of hues with which to play.  Pearly tones like taupe, cream or silver-gray go very well with my naturally graying locks.  I love the way these tones play up my skin, and, so I tend to lean more toward them, but I'm tremendously attracted to maroon, rust, magenta, crimson, black, cobalt, turquoise, deep green, navy, periwinkle. 

SOFT TONES:  This is the restrained end of the spectrum of the color palette.  These colors bring to mind spring blossoms, seashells, beach pebbles, all white, pale grays, natural weathered wood or stone, creamery ivory, honey yellows.  Easter-egg colors - the soft pinks, baby blues, cream.  I am totally taken with such delicate hues.

SINGING COLOR:  These colors demonstrate the wide-awake, exciting colors of childhood.  Carnivals and circuses revel in their palette.  You see these colors displayed in summer parks, fruit and vegetable markets which bring us a joyous abundance of color from the natural world.  When it comes to cheering up a room or celebrating a birthday, these colors come into their own.  Balloons and candy can often be found in these shades. 

MOODY HUES:  Here we find the colors of old tapestries or ethnic wraps that have seen a lot of wear and tear resulting in faded, stone-washed textures.  Smoldering earthy tones, dusky neutrals and silvered wood.

RICH SHADES:  In this category we have the dark purples, blues and maroons - there is an intensity about deep colors that I love and find very romantic.  Deeper tones are seductive and very flattering to use in home decorating. 

Although I frequently buy creams, grays, black, whites - neutral colors - for my clothes and home furnishings, I love all that nature offers, because living within one part of the spectrum can make life a little boring.   So try adding a splash of color, for example, red by way of a scarf, pillow, throw, or picture frame.  You will begin to live a charming life by enhancing it with color.  Cheers!!

P. S.  What are your favorite colors?


  1. I love bright colors but will wear black a lot too. When I see someone with a bright color on I immediately am drawn to them because I think it tells something of their personality. It has the same affect if you wear one too...perking yourself up on a blue day.

  2. I too like color, especially for my graying locks. LOL.... No way am I going to be gray. I swore when I was in my early 30's and seen my first gray hair that I would never let it happen. Now, I look like an old lady trying not to let it happen.

    Seriously though, I look best in soft spring colors like mint and pinks. Yellow is not my friend, although I really do need to add some color to my home.

  3. My Hubs who is Italian looks great in vibrant bright colors like red, orange, yellow.. It has just been lately that he is brave enough to wear them.

  4. What color do I like? A very difficult question! Usually I loathe black, but in certain instances it's stunning! This month I'm going to a wedding, dressed in black. Never thought I would do that:):) Usually I like ultramarine blue and cadmium red-dark hue the best.
    By the way, thank you for visiting my art blog!


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