Wednesday, December 11, 2013

LUCKY CHARM #2: Love Yourself!

Many people - for many reasons - not feeling good about themselves, fearing solitude, settling for less than they deserve, or thinking no one else could possible love them if the other person knew the real them, get involved in relationships unbecoming to their true spirits.  

How many of us run from one relationship to another hoping that this one is "IT?"  Trying to make "it" work this time.  It's akin to making your size seven shoe fit into a size six.  It's not going to work.  This is really unfortunate behavior.  I read somewhere that we must love our neighbors as we love ourselves.  This is why self-love is so vital.  A quote by Yoruba Priestess and motivational speaker, Iyanla Vanzant, suggests we ask ourselves this question -- WOULD YOU MARRY YOU?  If not, why are you pawning yourself off on other people?  The late, great poet Audre Lorde spoke about us being the love we seek.   

I am of the mindset that we are perfect just as we are.  We don't need fixing, certain vocations.  We don't need to live in any particular neighborhood, nor do we need to look a certain way.  We are whole, complete entities.  Believing in your value -- this is how we must face the world everyday, every time we walk out of our homes into the world.  You have to know the value, the worth you bring to the table.  If you don't understand and realize your own worth, know one else will.  You will get your ass kicked in the world if you do not first love, accept, cherish, and treat yourself with the respect you deserve.  Only then will the universe respond in kind.  Cheers!!


  1. Well, I spend a lot of time with myself... so I must think I am kind of okay. LOL I don't know that I would ever marry anyone but myself again. Just for the simple reason, I don't want to have to clean up after anyone. Keeping up with myself is about all I can do sometimes.

    You are so right... We are PERFECT just the way we are and if we try to change who we are, it just isn't going to work.

    Are you all ready for the Holidays? I am heading out to the living room right now to finish some wrapping and then I hope I am DONE!

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas. Happy New Year Too!

  2. No, I am not done. I haven't even started. I only have my daughter to shop for. She's very finicky, though. May you and your family have the MOST wonderful, peaceful, happiest holidays this year, Terry. Cheers!!

    1. LOL... you only have a few days .. better get busy. We are making susi for our Christmas eve celebration at the in laws. Not everyone likes sushi so I am wondering how it will go.

  3. Raw fish? Oh, boy! I wonder how that's going to work out for ya T. Please let me know. I prefer the traditional treats like turkey, stuffing, string beans, sweet potato pie, mac & cheese, rice, turnips, collard greens. Just thinking about all the festive is making fall asleep.

    P. S. Your right - not many days left. But I have always enjoyed last minute shopping. Cheers!!


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