Wednesday, May 21, 2014

name that celeb

currently i live in mt. vernon, new york, but was not born and raised there.  

however there are a few famous people who have come out of this city.  this game is almost like a meme, but not a meme.  i love games.  don't you?  are you ready?  think you know your hollywood stars?  then let's play name that celeb.

1.  her real life husband is a sports commentator.  her tv husband
played a doctor.  who is she?

2.  this tv personality hosted a famous dance variety show.  who is he?

3.  one of this superstar's famous line is, "they call me mr. tibbs.
who is he?

4.  this funny man was best friends with another famous funny man, and their wives were best friends too.  who is he?

5.  this famous actor has an affinity with the boys and girls club of america.  he also went to school with my ex's brother.  who is he?

these next stars don't live in mt. vernon, but live(d) one or two towns over

6.  this funny man had a 60's tv show, then in the 80's played a doctor/detective on tv - hint not quincy.  who is he? 

7.  this african america couple are both famous civil rights activists
and actors.  who are they?

8.  this very funny lady's face is so tight, you can bounce a quarter
off her face.  who
is she?

good luck!  



  1. Is the last one Joan Rivers? Most of them I have no idea who they are.

  2. Sidney Pottier....
    Dick van Dyke....
    Dick Clarke?
    Joan Rivers....
    Not in any particular order.....answers?
    Linda :o)

    Joan Rivers.....

    1. you got syndey. very good. i thought more would get him through the quote. cheers!!

  3. Hey, I lived in New Rochelle for a bit and couldn't find Dick Van Dyke's house :D
    I want to add Art Carney and Denzel to the list...but the first one is making me crazy?!

    1. Lee: I loved Are Carney. So great to watch.

    2. welcome lee! wow, you lived in new rochelle? small world. phylicia rashad

  4. I couldn't really come up with anything (I've inhaled too many paint fumes this week :), but I wonder if the last one is Joan Rivers. She's the one that came to mind for that.

    1. please, get some fresh air. paint fumes can be dangerous. you got joan. cheers!!

  5. The only one (I think) I know is #8. I see I'm not the only one guessing Joan Rivers. Nobody has a tighter face than her.

    I loved this game. I'm a bit frustrated with myself, especially since I was such a tv addict all my life until a few years ago. I'm curious to know the answers.

    1. i love games too robyn. i plan to do more of these goodies. i didnt mean to joan down. she herself makes jokes about her surgeries. answers are posted below. cheers!!

  6. you guys are good. drum roll, please. and the answers are

    1. Phylicia Rashad
    2. Dick Clark
    3. Sydney Poitier - wasn't born or raised in Mt. Vernon, but lived there for a time
    4. Art Carney
    5. Denzel Washington
    6. Dick Van Dyke - New Rochelle, NY
    7. Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee - New Rochelle, NY
    8. Joan Rivers - Larchmont, NY

    1. i absolutely loved art carney and thought he was funnier than jackie gleason in the honeymooners. everyone have a great weekend and holiday! cheers!!

  7. I don't think I know any of them. Maybe because I'm not American.

    1. that could be true but I don't think you need to be american to know the names of american actors. for example, im not british but I know peter ustinoff (spelling?). cheers!!

  8. I had a few of them right!
    Wishing you a happy weekend.
    xo Catherine

    1. that's because you are a very bright woman catherine. cheers!!


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