Thursday, April 22, 2010


You all might remember a couple of months ago I decided to go vegetarian, and thus far, it has been a wonderful experience for me.  Benefits:  decreased weight; increased physical activities; increased mindfulness.  Overall I feel so much more healthier. 

However, I shop at a grocery store dedicated to wholesome, organic food named Whole Foods. But, I have a serious confession to make.  Everyday for the past two weeks I have been stopping by the bakery department to buy these wonderful, marvelous, scrumptious cookies -- peanut butter.  Oh, they are to die for, and they are about the size of a George Foreman fist.  Imagine!!!  I would say the size of Vincent's hands, but these cookies are humongus (spelling?).  They bake other flavors too such as, lemon/coconut, peacan/chocolate chip, and oatmeal/cranberry and chocolate.  I have tried them all, and they ALL are absolutely delicious.  However, the big grease ring they leave behind on my napkins, tells me they are not as "wholesome" as they advertise them to be. 

When I began purchasing my fave, peanut butter, I would get two (2) at a time.  That amount has now grown to four (4) at a time.  Like I stated above, I have been going to Whole Foods for two consecutive weeks buying these delights.   These cookies are soooooooooo addicting it's unbelieveable.  When I'm in school on the weekends, everytime my classmate and I go for lunch we end up in the bakery dept.  She introduced me to the cookies.  Before, when I would shop there, I would not even go into the bakery dept.  So, I totally blame her for my addicition to these cookies.  Well, I have to put the blame somewhere.  That's what addicts do - they blame others for their problems.  

P. S. You were right as all get out Val.  Sweets can be a vegetarian's downfall if they are not careful!!!!!  I don't want to regain the weight I have worked so hard to lose. 


  1. They sound amazing! I want one! The oatmeal cranberry sounds sooo good.

    I think I mentioned that we did the vegetarian thing for a few years in California. Boy it felt good to start eating meat again. I forgot how much I missed it. Meatball sammichs, meat in spag sauce and lasagna, beloved chicken.... lol

  2. Ah, hello - are you trying to tempt me Jo? I am new to this venture and I need support here! LOL! God in heavens, I was at Whole Foods yesterday and I walked past a pan of BBQ chicken, and OMG! I almost fainted from the mere smell and look of it. My mouth started to water, stomach began growling. Oh, how I miss chicken and pork. What do ya think about organic - nah, forget it. I not going to do it. Pray for me. Cheers JoJo!!

  3. I won't say "I told you so"!

  4. Sorry, put a slab of beef on my plate still mooing with a side of horseradish sauce and call me "Bessie." Gotta give you credit for going "cold turkey", sorry, bad pun there, and trying the vegetarian route. Guess it's the German in me...meat and potatoes. Why not try some peanut butter on celery to quell the cookie craving? Not as fun but could be satisfying all the same.

  5. But Nantz, what about the German in me? And I've been veggie for 35 years.

  6. Yeah I have to admit I like a good piece of meat ;). They say snake (python) tastes like chicken.
    On another note, I can appriciate a cookie addiction, but my down fall is candy. Major sweet tooth here.

  7. Val, I give you all the credit in the world for being vegetarian as I have read your many reasons for doing so. I suppose you have more willpower over the German influence than me; I'm a weakling for a good piece of meat. However, I refuse to eat veal and won't eat pate' after what I read about geese on your site. The one thing I could give up without blinking? BREAD.

  8. Nantz, how could you give up bread. That's my weakest link. I would not do well on the Atkins diet.

  9. I don't know, Beverly, I just never was into bread. If I'm at a restaurant and they have bread before dinner I never touch it.

  10. Been away for a couple of days.

    Nantz - The "cold turkey" pun - hahaha, vvveeeerrrryyyy funny. Celery and peanut is good and healthy however, it doesn't satisfy the sweets craving. Maybe it's a hormonal thing. I am, um, um, (covering mouth to muzzle sound) forty-eight ya know. Cheers!!

    Val - You are my role model. My go to girl when I need support during this stressful journey. Thanks. Cheers!!

    lovevdo69 - I'm just glad I decided to go vegetarian before I tasted python. Although I did have a friend who would hunt and cook just about anything from chipmonk to baboon, probably. Besides, my brother's a hunter, too. I admit that if I lived in a culture that ate python, I would, too. My views about what, where, and how my food gets to my table are changing. I regret not making the move long ago. Better late than never. Cheers!!

    Beverly - I'm with you. Love, love, love bread AND butter!! Cheers!!


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