Monday, April 19, 2010

Hand Injury: Just how old do I think I am anyway?

Well!  Sweet Jeebus.  Here's what happened.  I tried to hop a wall.  Not a big one.  Came approximately to mid-thigh.  Now, I have done this before, say like when I was eight, nine and ten years old.  No problem - right?  Right.  Just as I thought.  I'm agile.  Flexible.  However, as I approached the wall, for some strange reason, I had a gut feeling that I should sit first and then get up.  But, hey, I'm thinking that I got this.  I'm nimble, lithe.  So, I proceeded to put one knee up on the wall, and then balance myself on my hands as I hoisted my BIG, BEAUTIFUL, CURVACEOUS ass upright.  But, my right hand turned in a funny way.  I caught myself just in time before I hit the ground, but not before I twisted my hand.  I am sooooo lucky.  I could have broken my middle finger.  I didn't go to the doctor on the day it happened, although I should have.  Woke the next day in severe pain and hand distended.  X-rays showed no breaks or fractures - thank heavens.  I have to wear a splint to keep hand still.  Will I ever attempt this crazy stunt again?  I don't think so.  I am getting to old (young), and bones don't heal too well after a certain age.  Thanks for the care and concern.  Cheers!!


  1. Oh man I am so glad that it wasn't a more serious break!!!

    And BTW, "the dream is over". lol No more vaulting over walls like you did as a child.

  2. Hahaha. You crazy lady!! Ain't that the TRUTH, Ruth. I am so blessed that it wasn't more serious. My hand had swollen, it seemed, to twice its size. I thought that the doctor would have to yank (YIKES) my finger back in place. Cheers Jo!!

  3. Which is worse, do you think, hurting yourelf when doing something silly, or hurting yourself when you are just doing normal stuff?

  4. I'm glad you're ok, BBG, we would miss your "talking" if your hand was out of commission.

  5. Val -- Excellent question Val. Hmm, let me think. Both hurt like the dickens. I think it's worse when you do something asinine and ridculous. Because the injury could have been prevented, perhaps. However, in the words of Dr. Wayne Dyer, "What's going to happen, has happened."

    Nantz -- Ahhh, thanks Nantz, but not as much as I would miss blogging with you guys about Vincent.

    P. S. Ok, no more SILLY, IMPRACTICAL, CHILDISH episodes/situations on my part. Well, only if with Vincent, I promise.

  6. glad it wasn't too serious but sorry it hurt so much - hope it's getting better

    i'm now so old that i would now have to walk round the wall and not vault it -

  7. Thanks Ann. It is beginning to feel better. Although, if I keep my hand in a fist or near fisted position for any length of time, it hurts and my hand becomes stiff. The splint the doctor gave me - when I have it on - hits just in the tender spot. Makes wearing it difficult. Geez, I wonder how this injury is going to effect me during raining weather? Cheers Ann!!

  8. Oooooooouch! At least you noticed it. Last year I fell and hurt my shoulder badly - but I didn't remember that I'd fallen until someone pointed it out to me!

  9. Yeah we're all getting a bit older and less flexible, but I could still get my ankles up around my head if Vincent asked me too. Hahahaha! So Bad!


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