Wednesday, April 7, 2010


OMG!!!  What the HELL was that that America saw last night?  I'll tell you.  GARBAGE!  Never in the history of modern television have I seen an ending such as that.  Never have I been soooooooo disappointed in a televison series.  The script and acting was horrible to say the least.  Law & Order: Criminal Intent should be renamed Law & Order: Criminal Indeed.  For it was criminal that such MALARKEY, NONSENSE, POPPYCOCK, FOOLISHNESS to be shown on the air.  The last episode was a total disgrace and sham.  We were BAMBOOZLED!  We were HOODWINKED!  I've seen better endings with the Flintstones. 

This was truly Goren and Eames' worst hour on national t.v.  Where were their personalities?  What did USA do with the real Goren and Eames.  Will the real Goren and Eames please stand up?  Do you see the picture of the casket?  That is where USA, their croonies and the final episode of CI should be laid.  And then buried 99 feet underground so that even the maggots can't find them or it.  Better yet a creamation ceramony is in good order.   Except for the Goren and Eames kiss and hug, of course!  The BEST part of the show.


  1. You go girl! USA can go to Hell!

  2. Y'Know when my sister passed away, the one thing she did not want was a bunch of crying and wailing at her funeral. She wanted us to have a party in her honor. To celebrate her life, and we did just that. Now that it's over, I say let's CELEBRATE the wonderful memories we have of Goren/Vincent and Eames/Kate. SnarkAngel - drinks all around!! Cheers lovevdo69!!

  3. I agree. I didn't watch last night, but man alive the reviews are scathing. Glad I didn't prop my eyelids open till 11 pm for nothing.

    Maybe instead of being mad about them leaving the show, we should celebrate the fact that they are exiting a BAD show. B/c LOCI's stories and plots the last 2 years have been just awful, and they did the best they could w/ the scripts. Now Goldblum will have to try to carry the show but the death knell is near. Luckily Vincent and Kate got the last lifeboat off that sinking L&O ship.

    So here's to Vincent and Kate! *clink* A toast to the best detectives on TV, a great big THANK YOU to them for entertaining us, but most of all, THANK YOU to them b/c we VDO bloggers found each other and I count you all amongst my dearest friends. If it weren't for LOCI, we would be going about our daily lives, unaware of each other!!


    Word veri: antalot

  4. You are so right JoJo. When CI got rid of Jamey and Courtney, they were headed for disaster. This disgraceful, so-called ending was GLARING - I saw this whole screw up happening. So, yes, an attitude of gratitude is in order. Thank you Vincent and Kate for being the TITANIC, MONUMENTAL, GIGANTIC, IMMENSE stars that you are, and will continue to be.

  5. Well said guys. Let the party begin!

  6. LOL, the casket is a great touch! I think Bobby and Alex should have put TPTB in with Ross and zipped it on up. That was downright shameful last night and I'm done.

  7. The networks have always treated CI like a stepchild. First, they were on Sundays. Then they moved to Tuesday nights. I said cool. CI on Tuesdays, Original on Wednesdays, then SVU on Firdays. I got use to that routine. Then, low and behold, they switched CI again. I don't even remember what night they went to. But, I began to get a sinking feeling in my gut. Thinking, hmmmm, all this shifting around can't be good. But, why? Why do they keep moving MY SHOW around so much?

    During Seasons 4, 5, 6, I felt CI in trouble. Then the whole Jamey and Courtney thing. And, I'm like - damn! Are they purposely trying to FUCK with the fans? WTF!! Then Vincent suffered exhaustion and they brought in Noth. Didn't like that move, pissed me off, but the alternating weeks grew on me. I accepted it.
    Then, what did the fuckheads do - they kept changing Logan's partner. So, now I'm pissed off to the highest pissifity. Next, CI moves to USA, and the rest is, well ya know.... So, when you say you're done Nantz, stick a fork in me, I'VE BEEN DONE. And, now CI is done. Nuff said.


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