Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Well, Vixens, this is it.  The long-awaited, dreaded end of a magnificent ERA.  What can I say that hasn't already been said?  What can I feel that has not already been felt?  I am not going to waste precious space assulting the networks or others.  This space is totally dedicated to Bobby/Vincent and Kate.

Staring out my bedroom window, thinking about the last show tonight, I saw a red cardinal perched on a tree branch.  And I thought, hmmm, this must mean something.  So, I looked up what a red cardial signifies and it means - preeminent, superior, chief, principal.  All these adjectives aptly apply to Vincent and his character Bobby, as he was the preeminent detective in nighttime drama.  He was the chief reason why I watched LOCI, when it first aired, and the principal reason why I continued to watch.

Some of the things I will miss about Goren and Eames - the DYNAMIC DUO:  their wonderful partnership, his lean, his stance, her driving, his quirkiness, her stability, her always having his back, her smart ass remarks to him like - "I hope that's not catchy," his bending down over a victim, his great sense of smell, his "knowing" sign language.  WHAT ELSE CAN'T OUR GREAT DETECTIVE DO?  Nothing!!  He was and always will be SUPERB!     

I want to thank all the Vixens, especially Val, Nantz, Jazzy, JoJo, FuzzyTweetie, TJara, SnarkAngel, Artist, Mauigirl, Eliza, lovevdo69, Diane, Tess, Ann and many others for sharing your blogs, pics and stories about Bobby/Vincent and your lives with me.  This experience has, for me, allowed special friendships to develop.  I don't believe in coincidences - for we shall meet face-to-face one day.   It's been a HELLAVA ride, and I hope we continue to share our thoughts, feelings about Vincent and our life experiences. 




  1. Ahhhh, BBG, you made me cry. That was so nice. That was some what of a eulogy for poor Bobby and Kate. We need our blogs more than ever right now, to comfort and console each other with our lose. I feel the same way about my fellow vixens, our love for Vincent has truly brought us together.

  2. Please tell me that this isn't your blog's "swan song"...you almost sound like you are bidding everyone farewell yourself!

    What a beautiful post and a fitting tribute. I still can't bring myself to watch the final episode tonite. Maybe someday, but not now. I have enough sadness and stress in my life and am avoiding things that will make me cry.

    I'm so glad we met in the Blogosphere! XOXO

  3. Reading your comments brought me to tears. I don't feel this deeply about many things. I just can't believe Vincent and Kate won't be starring in CI anymore. I don't think I will ever accept that. Cameo appearences just aren't enough for me. Thank God for reruns, movies and memories. I WILL NEVER SAY GOODBYE. They will always have a special place in my heart and soul.

    No JoJo this is definately not a swan song, and I intend to watch the final ep.

  4. I certainly intend to be around for a long time, singing Vincent's praises.

  5. What a beautiful, heartfeld post. Just what I need tonight.


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