Thursday, April 1, 2010


Does anyone ever hear from Cathy?  Cathy lives in Greece.  I think she's a school teacher?  Her writings are wonderfully wistful and inspiring.  She also writes poignant poetry.  I used to follow her, but she hasn't posted anything in a long while.  The last time she posted, I think she was having marital issues?  Anydoodles, if anyone knows what she up to, can you let her know she is missed.  I would go to her site myself, but I forgot her blog name.  I hope she is safe and healthy.


  1. Never heard of that blogger! Was she a Vincent Vixen too?

  2. Yes, she's definately a Vincent Vixen. I can't remember how I found her blog, though. She used to comment - not a lot - but every so often - on our blogs. I remember reading one of her posts, and she was looking for writers to assist with critiquing movies(?)

  3. I looooove Cathy. She has commented off and on my site for years. When she gets into it, she writes really well. Cheers Michelle!!

  4. Hey Matt!! Ah, so nice you stopped by. Man! I have been having a beast of a time with this damn computer. I've been cussing and swearing since I was nine years old. And today is just one of those days where I feel like cussing like a sailor. I want to throw this damn piece of machine out the fucking window. I'VE HAD IT!! I thought computers were suppose to make one's life easier, but not this one. Cheers Buddy!!

    P. S. Where in the world is Cathy?


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