Thursday, June 24, 2010


I'm not much of a writer, but I have been thinking about a new storyline for Bobby's life after Major Case and I am going to try my hand and mind (don't everyone laugh at the same time - hahaha), too.  I am in a rush, doctor's appointment.  But, will begin either today or tomorrow.  Cheers Everyone!!


  1. Every time I try to think of a story line involving Bobby Goren, it ends up XXX Rated by the end... lol

  2. Good Luck to you BBG, you are very animated, I'm sure you'll do a fantastic job. I look forward to reading your Bobby stories.

  3. Please please PLEASE will you post it on

  4. I think you could write something good, Michelle, but aren't you tired of it after all those term papers? LOL!

  5. SORRY FOR RESPONDING SOOOOOOOOO LATE, BUT YA'LL KNOW I AIN'T REALLY OUT OF THE WOODS, YET. Of course I will post it on Val. I think it would totally mesh with your storylines. And thanks everyone for the support. Phew! HELL YEAH NANTZ, YOU KNOW I OUGHT TO BE DOWNRIGHT OUTTA MY MIND WANTING TO DO MORE WRITING, but I feel inspired for some strang reason. Cheers Everyone!!

    P. S. I know I said I would begin the new storyline a week ago - see that only goes to show ya that I'm still on my little journey - BUT REAL SOON I PROMISE. I miss ya'll!

  6. Oh, don't worry... if that story is in your head it will come out!!

    Nothing wrong with those stories. ;-)


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