Friday, July 2, 2010



  1. You know Michelle, I love playing Tennis, but I'd rather watch paint dry, than watch it on T.V. It's agonizing.

  2. I take it you like tennis? LMAO..."Cheers!" My captcha is "poted" that like a "pothead"?

  3. zzzZZZZzzzzZZZZZzzzzzZZZZZ

    I. Hate. Tennis. ;p

    Word verif: ensta

  4. I used to like tennis when hunks like John Newcombe played.

    God I feel old.

  5. Bev -- "Paint dry" - you are too funny. The first time I learned to play tennis was when I took a course in junior college.

    Nantz -- I love tennis. My sister (bless her soul) was an avid tennis supporter. She introduced me to tennis when I was just a mere child. I fell in love with it!

    JoJo -- LMAO!!! You crazy lady! I here ya. What can I say? I feel so sorry for ya. Hahaha.

    Val -- I am rooting for Murray. The first Brit in 72 years - OMG! I had no idea that it was that long ago since a Brit won the title. Go Murray! Don't feel bad Val, hopefully, I'll live to your age - with my mind, if not my body, in tact like yours.

  6. I used to play tennis when I was younger...still have my racket! I really enjoyed playing, but like Bev, not too into watching it on TV.


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