Thursday, September 9, 2010

A, B, C's & 1, 2, 3's

Ah, Summer is drawing nigh and the chillin's have returned to school to learn more interesting and not so interesting things, but what did they do/learn over the summer?  Did they?

visit a library
skip rocks upon a pond
rollerskate on tree-lined streets
roast marshmallows over a campfire
volunteer to read to the elderly
pick up litter on city streets and country roads
swing into a lake from a tire tied to a rope
pick buttercups and hold them under their chins
look for and find 4 leaf clovers
steal crabapples, peaches, pears, plums and grapes from their neighbors backyards
buy ice cream from the Good Humor truck
play jump over the garbage can
get scared when they saw horseshoe crabs on the beach
play Ol' Little Playmate, Miss Mary Mack and other two-handed games
jump double-dutch rope
play Four Corners
play hide n' seek and hope the cute boy finds them
help an old lady/man across the street
double-pump on swings
read a book
run relay races barefoot
walk barefoot through puddles after the rain
slide down the slide and burn ther behinds
play hop-scotch, Girls Are, Twister
lie on their backs, look up at the stars and dream

These are just some of the fun and exciting adventures I had/did during the summer months as a child and youth.  What are yours?  Cheers!!


  1. My youth sounds like yours!

    Beachcombed & jumped off the dunes
    Swam in my aunt's pool
    Rode bikes
    Caught fireflies at night, admired them in a jar for awhile then released them
    Took swimming lessons at Lawrence Pond
    Italian ice from the cream truck
    Jumped off the boardwalk into the creek at high tide
    Played a western themed game w/ my cousins when not in the pool
    Sleepovers in the coop
    Ran barefoot from school's end to school's beginning
    Trips to the library
    Mini golf then ice cream
    Barnstable County Fair
    Go see Disney movies on rainy days
    Explore the cranberry bog and railroad tracks

  2. Hunting for pop bottles and cashing them in for penny candy
    Playing Kick the Can
    Playing "Mr. Brown let me down" on the teeter-totter
    Teach our old dog, new tricks
    Staying up late to watch scary movies
    Sneak out of house after mom and dad went to bed to go hang out with neighbor boy
    Trips to the beach
    Played house league soccer
    Walks to the public pool
    Visits to my aunts farm, playing in in the loft
    Watch my older brother and his friends play billiards.
    We had an huge weeping willow tree in our back yard, and my brother had several old cars sitting under it. My younger brother and I would stand on the hoods of the cars and swing on the tree branches from one hood to another.
    My brother also had an old Volkswagen Beetle in the drive way, we used it like a play house.

    Thanks for the memories Michelle, I hadn't thought about summer days gone by in a long time.

  3. Where the hell is the Good Humor man???! Is that something you have to buy online now?

    Swam for hours on end...we were born guppies
    Get new tennis shoes...white and everyone would step on them to get them would mortify me.
    Play "Capture The Flag"
    Tell ghost stories at night!
    Go for a "hike" with packed lunch and bike
    Pick raspberries and blackberries early in the morning (to beat the neighbors who had 7 kids) to put in our cereal
    Play "house"
    Do acrobatics in the yard
    Walk to the drugstore and load up on candy
    Pop the bubbles that the melted tar on the street produced
    Go to the "Recreation" program they had at the local school for all of us
    Jump roped
    Rode bikes
    Played baseball
    Made bubblegum chains
    Go camping

    Honestly, those memories were the best time in my life, bar none. I mentioned the 7 kids that were our neighbors...with my two brothers and me that made 10 of us...can you even imagine the fun we had??? Excellent post, Michelle, honestly, the best!

  4. There were still a lot of bombed out buildings (bomb sites, we used to call them) in my area and we used to go and explore them. It was great fun, and we felt very brave - till we got home and told our parents, and they went crazy!

  5. Sounds like we all had great fun as children. Honestly, they were the best times of my life. I guess that's why I'm soooooo young at heart. Yep. I'm certain. Thanks for sharing the memories. Cheers!!


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