Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Did you know that a 1/4 of teaspoon of BLACK PEPPER has more antioxdants than a 1/2 cup of fresh TOMATOES.  Go figure!  That's a nice piece of tidbit to know and a good reason to shake, shake, shake, shake your pepper shaker.  LOL!  Cheers!!


  1. I love all kinds of peppers execpt for habanero (?) which is the hottest pepper they say on earth. My Mexican friends sit around and bet each other who is macho enough to eat them and how many before someone yells Uncle. Cheers!!

  2. I didn't know that either, but I know cayenne pepper is an antifungal and I use it to help keep candida away.

    I am going to have to check into the regular pepper.... as for the habanero, I made my Hubs hot pepper flakes from it because he always complained the ones we buy were not hot enough. Fixed him!! he doesn't complain now.

    I am putting you on my blog roll to catch your posts.

  3. Journey - LOL!!!!! That is a very funny story. I bet he doesn't. Thanx. Cheers Journey!!

  4. Wow really!! I don't like a lot of pepper on my food it taste hot to me lol! Great info for sure I would tell everybody about this new information ^_^ Happy weekend!

  5. Mmm...spoonful of tomato, spoonful of peppercorns. Can't choose!

  6. Val - When I was a young girl, my father had a vegetable garden. His fave vegetable to grow was tomatoes. He used to make a cucumber and tomato salad with vinegar dressing. Yum. Cheers!!

  7. That's interesting but I'd rather eat the tomatoes! :)

    Thanks for visiting me and taking the time to comment. Nice to meet you. :)

  8. Akelamalu - It very nice to meet you too. I have seen you on a couple of other blogs cites such as Mimi's, missing moments' and Cloudia's. I have always admired your comments. Thanks for your visit. I love just a tomatoe salad with black pepper. Yum! Cheers!!


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