Monday, December 12, 2011


I HAVE BEEN really busy for the past week or so, so it has been hard for me to visit my fave blogs.  Hopefully by Wednesday I will get to visit.  Stay well all!  Cheers!!


  1. Being busy is good. All the blogs will still be there when you get UNbusy.
    This time of year, everyone is swamped with Holiday stuff. Have a great day!

    I now have you on my blog roll so I catch all your posts.

  2. Ah, that's nice. I enjoy your information, recipes and chats. I feel really bummed-out this time of the year because I lost my mom Christmas Eve of 1992 and my sister around Thanksgiving in 2006, so this time of the year gets to me. Mostly my job keeps me busy. I work in human services so this time of the year we get swamped with charity, food-drives, fundrasing, which I love. You have a great day to, my friend. Cheers!!

  3. HI!!! So happy you commented on mine, so I could come meet you here :) I have been increadibly busy these last two weeks (hence all the interviews with other bloggers right now), but hopefully soon... soon... I will have time to spend more time in this cyberworld of blogging. great to meet you and yes, i dont understand why more people didnt like Fargo :)


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