Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I admit the field of medicine has come a long way and the medications to deal with ailments, but after seeing a commercial about diabetes and cholestrol medication and the stated side effects of taking such medications, well - to say the least - it floored me.  List below are some of the major side effects of taking any number of medications.  Patient beware!!

Swollen tongue, baldness, impotence, bruising, blood, nervous, lymph problems, heart attack, cancer, hives, blackouts, shortness of breath, nose bleed, constipation, heart palpitations, thoughts of suicide and homocide, breathing problems, angina, muscle and joint pain, depression, eczema, psoraisis, yeast infection, anemia, headaches, earaches, kidney and liver failure, hypertension, hypoglycemia, iching, blindness, numbness, tingling, vomiting, vaginal dryness, fainting, dizziness, fractures, fever, abscess, hallucinations, jaundice, asthma.  WHEW!!  And that ain't even half of what can happen to you from taking meds.  What have I got to say?

If the disease don't kill ya the side effects sure will.


  1. My Husband takes cholestral medication. I told him if he would change his diet and lose weight, he would not have the problem.

    I think the problem is with the Doctors, we were brought up to believe and respect Doctors, so whatever they say is gospel. My Hubands Doctor says he needs to be on this medication. I say if he would change his diet and lose weight, he wouldn't have this problem. I have also told this same docotor that he treats the symptom and doesn't get to the cause.

    Needless to say, this Doctor would rather not have me in his office when he is treating my Hubs.

  2. Amen! So why does not your husband give your advice a try? Let me guess - you husband's doc is a guy? Men, go figure. If I were him, I would just try your suggestion for 30 days - see what happens. Cheers Terry!!

  3. part of the issue is also that they must list every single possibility even if the chance is so tiny

    doctors and lawyers

    they both need a thrashing

  4. We call it " ...and dead in the morning." syndrome!

    I'm glad you are in human services - we NEED people of heart and soul like you.

    Aloha to you from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

  5. I so agree with this specially impotence. So many of my friends who had a problem with their sex life because there husbands don't have the sex drive. And any women will wonder why and when they gonna have it. When they shared something like this I ask them if there husbands had some medication and 100% said YES! Most of them are diabetes and take a LOT of prescribed drugs. The sad part most of them end up divorce.
    Thanks for the visit I do appreciate it.

  6. Some meds do extend our lives ... some. It's just figuring out which ones! I'm for taking as little as I can and trying to eat healthy but some of us just aren't born with good genes.

  7. That is somewhat true reena. Most people buy into the paradigm of determinism - genes (grandparents responsible), psych - my parents did it to me) environment - it's my bosses' fault. I believe that we our responsible for our own lives and eating healthy, exercising, juicing works for me. But it seems to me that once on the downward spiral of meds - needing one to fight the effects of another - we just deal with symptoms instead of underlying cause. Nice to see ya. Cheers!!


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