Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Ok, I am not a huge fan of primates, and I don't know why, even though we humans are closely related.  But I would rather be a fan to this primate than a fan of Donld Trump anytime.  I was watching Bill Moyers, host of Moyers and Company this past Sunday evening as he was interviewing Anthony Baxter, director of you have been trumped.  A documentary of Trump's latest take over. 

He's (gorilla Trump) supposedly builiding the "world's greatest golf course" in Scotland over the objections of the residents of Aberdine, Scotland.  Trump's lastest conquest gives me the creeps.  What makes this more atrocious is that the Scotland Parliment has put their stamp of approval on this takeover and has allowed for the development of the golf course.  Trump organization has destroyed the ecological habitat of the sand dunes and surrounding delicate ecological environment.  Even more dangerous is the statement that Trump used to refer to the area residents of Aberdine as, "a national embarrassment."  Trump and his croonies have taking to turning off the water of an 86 year old resident, violating people's spaces (stating imminent domain), bringing in the police to harrass residents giving them no explanation, and having them arrested and thrown in prison. 

In addition, as if it could not get any worse, the University of Aberdine has bestowed upon Trump an honorary degree.  Trump has become a "hero" to the elite - honoring his ability to make money rather than honoring the people who have lived in these homes for 50 or more years.  Giving credence to the 1 percent ruling and controlling and doing what they damn please over the other 99 percent.  I am appalled, disgusted, revolted,sickened and horrified. 

This sets dangerous precidence.  Trump during an tnterview said, "I want to talk with a real jounalist - indicating his ignorance, disparaement and total disrespect of Mr. Baxter who is a bonafide journalist.  He started out in radio and also has worked for the BBC.  Talk about a condesending attitude.  Please, your thoughts are greatly appreciated. 


  1. Trump is a bully through and through. I wonder if the "elite" really like him or just pretend to so he doesn't Trump them.

  2. very nice article.. thank to share..

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  4. What is really damn scary is that Trump wants to be President of the US. God help us all if he EVER is elected. Cheers!!

  5. What I understand how easy they could take over a land turning to into a golf course amidst the cry of the majority. It made me *&^%# when what we thought as intelligent people would gave honor to this kind of people. I just don't understand. What I think also they are just pretending to like each other (so called elite) in reality they are stabbing each others back! I bet on that lol!!


  6. Kim - I was so taken aback by the whole situation. The residents of Aberdine had gorgeous views overlooking the sand dunes and the natural habitat of their areas. Trump organization (as they are known by) were digging up this natural environment not to far from their homes. They could actually see Deer and other earth moving machines and tractors right outside their homes tearing up the sand dunes - huge piles of sand just a stones throw away. It was the most unsettling thing. And Trump stated, "Their homes are eyesores. I don't want to look at their homes when I play golf" - because these people had been and still are farmers - Trump didnt' want the golfers to be able to see normal-looking homes when they played golf. The audacity, and rudeness. Donald Trump is just a classless, tackless, self-righteous JACKASS idiot! Who thinks the world owes him something. He is so full of himself until it's pathetic. I don't like the gorilla and I make no bones about it. Cheers!!

  7. Trump is never on my radar .. he's an idiot!


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