Monday, August 13, 2012


Life is full of possibilities!!!

This past Sunday I was pondering certain principles of life, natural laws - if you will, and I realized something amazing about myself.  No matter what adversity, obstacle or unfavorable circumstance or situation life throws at me, nothing but NOTHING can or will ever change the free-spirited, fun-loving, childlike little girl inside me.  I love life and no matter what, I remain a bright, cock-eyed optimist. "The glass is FOREVER half-full to me.

Now I know and certainly can understand how people can become jaded by life's problems.  But if we can just go deep within ourselves and find that changeless center, find that guiding principle albeit loyalty, passion, excellence, integrity, service to others, compassion, courage,  - whatever - and hang on to that, be grateful for that, I believe that things will get better. It's law.  What is your changeless core?


  1. You and I could be BFF. I love a friend who is not a debbie downer and looks at life as an adventure instead of an obsticle. Cheers to you my friend!! LOL.... I guess I stole your word.

  2. I so love life too! There is always two choices to be happy or not. I choose to be happy why not! Life is short and we are called to be happy not to feel disdain to life and to anyone else. Love love love!

  3. Terry - Oh, you are so sweet. It does a mind, body and spirit good to look at the positives. So many people are just unhappy with life. It really is too bad. As far as stealing my word, LOL!!, I stole it from someone else. Hey - if it works. Cheers!!

    Kim - You are absolutely correct. We all have choices and the happy people are the ones who PROACTIVELY take charge of their lives. Happiness is a choice. Cheers!!

  4. I think love and humor are at my core
    a lovely, true, insightful post

  5. That is exactly how I view life as well. Great post!

  6. Reena - I knew when I first read your blog that you are a warm, genuine, charismatic individual who enjoys life so very much. Thanx for being a friend. Cheers!!


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