Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Many people spend their entire lives scripted in , conditioned for that one big adventure or experience that will give meaning to their lives

Only, life doesn't work like that most of the time

Mindfulness of the day-to-day, often second by second realization of Life's blessings, fulfillment, beauty, gives purpose

Experiencing special times as when two or more souls meet -briefly - however, and make sincere, heart-to-heart exchanges matters most significantly

Never think for a moment that your genuine, authentic self doesn't have the ability to reveal the pathway, point the direction, that moves you along an upward spiral

Time and space cease to exist sufficiently, unbeknownst to strangers to become friends - in that brief moment

Self-awareness and personal security come when you suspend your own paradigm, step out of your own frame of reference, and into another's to see (spiritually) in them something beautiful and lovely



  1. How Beautiful!!!

    Have you ever thought of writing as a career? You do so well at it and all I see is what you write on your blog. I would love to be able to express myself as you do, using words I only see in books.... LOL.... I am such a HICK!!

  2. Thank you Terry for you caring, friendly words. Many days I dream of writing. To paraphrase Joseph Campbell - don't die with your bliss inside you. I do believe there is a major Best Seller in me. Who knows, perhaps. Cheers Sweetie!!

    P. S. YAHOO!!!! I recieved a package from Tropical this morning. In too much of rush to open - will open tonight. Have a great day!

  3. Hahahaa.... Yay!!! I am going to enter and tweet it for you when you get it on. Are you on twitter?

  4. Yes. Funny, though, I don't visit my Twitter site as much as I guess I "should." My user name on Twitter is completely different from my Blogger username. On Twitter my name is @61mimisan. Mimi is a name my ex gave to me - short for Michelle. He was into Eastern philosophy and found out that many Japanese nickname their girl children named Michelle - Mimi. So the name stuck. When I first created my blog site, I used to use Mimi as a username, but because I am a GREAT fan of Vincent D'Onofrio (star from Law & Order: Criminal Intent - LOCI - in the show his name is Det. Robert Goren (Bobby for short), I chose Bobbybegood1. I put the number one (1) at the end because someone else had plain Bobbybegood. Phew! I think I rambled on long enough. LOL! I would appreciate that gesture Terry. This weekend I will make an effort to visit my Twitter site. Cheers!! And have a marvelous weekend.


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