Monday, October 28, 2013

LUCKY CHARM #1: Make Something


My daughter is a creative genius.  Hmm, I wonder where she got it from?  LOL!!  She graduated from FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in NYC.  She has been designing her own line of jewelry for about a year and a half now.  She also wants to design her own denim line.  This past summer I started teaching myself how to crochet.  I have completed a few scarves for myself.  I made one for a client and her daughter - Johnny, a friend.  One night, while visiting a friend, another friend took the dusty green scarf I made for myself right off my neck, saying she loved it.  I said take it -- it's yours. I have been reading books on knitting and will also be teaching myself how to to that, too.  Soon after I will be teaching myself weaving and embroidering.  Who knows, perhaps pottery will be next.  Creating things with ones hands is a wonderful way to self-express. 

Recently I came across a fiber art form called freeform crochet and knitting (bka scrumbling).  My mouth dropped to the floor because of its sheer beauty.  There is no end to the designs you can make - from garments to jewelry.  You are only limited by your own imagination.  No rules.  No patterns -- just doing own thing.  I totally love that idea.  Although following a pattern is still a great way to creating something magnificent - a hat, sweater, scarf, coat, poncho, or shawl.  What a charming way to live.  Cheers!!

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