Monday, June 9, 2014


in loving memory

the boo hoo flu

yes folks that's right - that image that you see on your left looks like me -- well, almost like me, LOL!  you see i've been under the weather for about a week.  actually that's an understatement.  i have been suffering from the flu for about a week. feeling much better, though, after much needed rest, tea, honey, ginger, and lemon.  i got my flu shot last october for the second time in my life - as an adult.  funny thing, cant see where i picked up the virus because i don't see anyone with the flu, or cold.  but anydiddles, i'm back and boy from the posts i've seen, i've missed a helluva lot.  i've got some catching up to do.  have a great beginning of the week.  cheers!!

Monday, June 2, 2014

pretty in pink

Clementine the Bulldog Pictures 1015234

i found this little darling too cute not to post.  
this is clementine the sweet and friendly bulldog. enjoy!  

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