Monday, August 29, 2011


Have you ever noticed how people display certain behavior or gravitate toward a particular way of life?  My sister read a lot, was a very effective communicator, highly intelligent.  She of course was born under the sign of Gemmini.  Samuel, a very good friend, is very emotional and prefers being near water.  He, of course, is a Cancer.  Well, I have began studying plants.  I am a Taurus and I love being around nature - plants, flowers, gardens, etc. 
"The highest missions of plants is not merely to please our eyes with color, our mouths with delicious fruits.  Not only do they do this and more, but they are ever silently but surely eating up what is impure and injurious to ourselves in the atmosphere and in the earth all around our homes; and any dwelling in which plants are well and healthily grown will be more likely to be a clean and healthy house than if plants were not there." -- Ladies' Floral Cabinet

Plants not only add beauty to a room, but also make it a friendly, inviting place to live or work; they appear to have a calming, spiritual effect on most people.  This perhaps explains why plants play such an important role at key stages in our lives, such as weddings, funerals, periods of illness, and birthdays.  People feel relaxed when they are near or tending to living plants.  Businesses install interior landscaping to increase worker productivity, and reduce absenteeism.  Top hotels, restaurants and other commerical premises use plants to help attract customers.  Bill Wolverton, Ph.D. has written a book "How to Grow Fresh Air:  50 Houseplants That Purify Your Home or Office"  that I highly recommend.

My favorites are Bamboo, Boston Fern, Peace Lily, Snake Plant, Christmas and Easter Cactus, Croton, Aloe Vera, Cyclamen, Kalanchoe, Kentia Palm, Ficus Alii, Peacock, King of Hearts, Wax Begonia, Weeping Fig, Parlor Palm, Gerbera Daisy, Kimberly Queen, and the Lady Palm. 

I'm sure you have a favorite too.  You will definately find more after viewing and reading Dr. Wolverton's book.  Cheers everyone!!

Friday, August 26, 2011


We are expecting severe storm weather this weekend from Hurrican Irene.  Please make sure you have plenty of water, batteries, flashlights, can food, candles and matches to weather the storm.  And don't forget to check on the elderly and pets!!!  Have a great and safe weekend everyone.  Cheers!!

Monday, August 22, 2011


There are times when I take myself way too seriously.  And there are times when the fun-loving spirit side of me wants to have a bit-o-fun -- now is that time.

I was reading an article in a magazine the other day when I happened upon the word complement, which means to match, go with, suited for.  I quickly remembered that two days before I used the other word - compliment, which means to praise or honor someone or something - to a woman wearing a very pretty dress.  This got me to wondering about those words in the English language that are often confusing, not just for foreigners, but natives alike.  These words sound the same, but are spelled differently:  lead/lead, capital/capitol, already/all ready, stationary/stationery, by/bye/buy, a lot/allot cite/site/sight, accept/except, counsil/counsel, desert/dessert, correspondance/correspondence, correspondant/coorespondent, affect/effect, principal/principle.  Now, I know school is out for summer but, can you put your thinking cap on and come up with a few?  Cheers!!

Friday, August 19, 2011


Do you like granola?  Do you like peanut butter?  Do you like caramel (pronounced car-mel, or ca-ra-mel - whichever!)?  Do you like ice cream?  Not just any ice cream, but rich, smooth, creamy premium ice cream?  Well, I have I got a treat for you.  They say that if you dish therapy, you had better be in therapy yoself.  Moreover, if you work in the field of addictions, as I do, more likely than not there's a damn good reason.  You probably suffer from an "addictive personality."  This is true because I have discovered, for me, a really addicting, scrumptous dessert.  Nature Valley has come out with a new cookie/bar called Granola Thins - Peanut Butter.  It's a thin, square crispy granola bar. 

How to make:  Buy some Hagan Daas Dulce De Leche flavored ice cream  - or your fave flavor.  Put a scoop or two in a bowl, break up the granola squares - one per scoop - in the bowl.  Mix.  Enjoy!!  Be careful!  Very addicting.

How I was introduced:  A friend, who works in real estate, invited me to go along with her to show a house to a prospective buyer.  I was hesitant to go because I had just gotten off work and was tired.  I told her that I would only go if she promised to buy me dinner.  She said yes.  So, we are riding along and I'm so hungry, I told her, "Look, I have to eat something now.  I'm famished.  Don't you have anything in this car - potato chips, cookies, candy - ANYTHING, SOMETHING?  She said, "Yes, as a matter of fact I do."  She went to the trunk of her car and came back with this box.  I ate one.  Then another, then another, and another, and another.  Until finally she snatched the box from my hands and said, "Don't eat all of them."  I said, "What are these and where did you get them?  These are fantastic."  She said that she found out about them exactly how I did.  She was sitting in a friend's car, hungry, and asked him if he had anything to snack on.  He whipped out a box.  She began eating them just like I did, one right after the other.  Funny. 

She took me to KFC!  One of my fave places to eat.  Yeah, I know - not very healthy, but delicious just the same.  Cheers!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

FOLLOW YOUR TRUTH, FOLLOW YOUR HEART: Broadening the Parameters of Your Life

It's been a little more than a year since I have watched t.v.  Why it's only been two months since I began listening to the radio again.  Inasmuch as I don't watch t.v. much, in fact, not at all, this has been the perfect "meantime" for me to find other ways in which to enhance my life.  Such as self-cultivation, knowledge, improving family relationships, increasing my health and exploring my creative side.  I have surrounded myself with more positive people.  I volunteer with the elderly - preparing meals for the homebound and I read to children who suffer from ADHD.  I'm even thinking of returning to school to further my education.  I have let go of old, stale, unfulfilling relationships, bad habits, self-depreciation.  The results have been dynamic. 

Since turning 50, (glides hand over mouth to muffle sound) lol! I have been on a quest to deepen my awareness of the things in life that have greater meaning to me.  According to Erikson, 50 is a time in a person's life where the challenge is between generativity vs stagnation.  When we fear inactivity and meaninglessness.  When we don't get through this stage we can become stagnate.  I blog with a woman name JoJo and she did a very brave and incredible thing.  She left her life on the west coast to begin a new life here on the east coast.  I only dream of doing something as daring and dashing as that.  I so applaud her efforts.  I believe, in my heart, that if it were just me I would leave NY.  But I have a daughter, albeit she is 29, I would never dream of leaving her here and move out of state.  Some people may think that fear is the driving force behind this decision, and perhaps so. 

I think at this point I must explain "meantime."  Meantime is a time in a person's life when they are experiencing a transition.  It could be a divorce, a setback, a break up of a relationship, the death of a love one or a financial loss, children move out - empty nest syndrome.  This transitional period is a time for self-reflection.  A time to get to know who you are, to figure out what you want to do in life.  It's a time to do some space clearing and remove clutter from your life.  Mental, physical, emotional clutter.  It's a time for healing - a spiritual journey, if you will.  The results are phenomenol, liberating.  You begin to feel wonderful about who you are because you realize that you are more than a physical being.  You are spirit.  You gain greater clarity about the true aspect of life.  You feel lighter, happier.  Things you thought meant something to you no longer have meaning for you.  You are freer to express yourself.  You don't give a damn about what others say.  You begin to live your life the way you want to live.  The way you were meant to live.  You take back power you have been giving away for so long. 

I am not talking about hurting people or not caring about what your family, friends or love ones say.  But a true freedom, where you can listen to others' opinions, respect them, but make your own choices.  Hell if you want to wear a purple shirt with orange polka dots go for it! - who cares?  It's about you taking your own inventory.  If you are in a great relationship, fine.  Great!  But, if not, then having a relationship is not top on your list.  It's not the be all end all.  I take that back.  You are interested in a relationship only this time it is with yourself.  Loving you.  Honoring you.  Cherishing you.  Doing for you.  Remember - when you take care of self, you are helping to take care of others, and when others are happy you are happy.  Joseph Campbell said it best "Follow your bliss."  So, don't die with your music left inside.  Hey, I plan to live until 101 years old.  So the next 50 years of my life are going to be the BEST!!!  Cheers!! 

P. S.  There is no definate time period for going through the meantime.  It can last anywheres from one year to 20 years.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Feelings: A Ball of Confusion

From whence do feelings come?  How do they originate?  Many psychologists believe that feelings originate from the thought process.  You have a thought, usually triggered from an external source, which then triggers an emotional response, which then creates an action.  This, in turn, produces a consequence - negative or positive.  But there's more because then you think about the results of the first action ,which then creates more feelings, another action, another result.  It never ends - this cycle/formula of A+B+C=D (thought, feeling, behavior, consequence). 

As children we learn that certain feelings are appropriate for girls, boys others.  For example, girls are taught that it is not cool or right to get angry, much less display angry feelings.  So girls grow into women who learn to suppress their feelings.  Many grow up with hostile, bitter, angry feelings.  Boys, on the other hand, are told to "Man up" "Boys are not suppose to cry."  So boys grow into men who learn to hide or suppress their sensitive side.  Thinking it girly to express emotions. 

This morning I was thinking (enough with the jokes already - lol!), actually I was feeling.  One minute I was joyful, cheerful, and hopeful.  The next, worried, angry, frightened and indifferent.  However, when I was feeling the negative emotions, I told myself that I should not feel that way.  Then I said, "No, feel what you are feeling - you have every right - then move on."  In other words, don't suppress the negative feelings - feel them, too.  Don't negate them because they are just as important as the positive ones.  All this got me to thinking about how people are raised and taught about how to handle/experience certain emotions.  Through this experience I've learned that all emotions are valid and valuable.  Being human allows us to experience the priceless myriad emotions - which is inherent to being human - and is both facinating and fearful at the same time.  We experience love, hate, joy, peace, indifference, sadness, disgust, rage, envy, jealousy, fear and horror.  I believe that even negative feelings have value.  Suppose you see what you believe to be an injustice taking place.  You begin to seeth inside with anger, rage.  That anger - called righteous indignation - can allow you to begin the process of making a positive change, which can then have a domino effect.  We can even sabotage our own wonderful, postive emotions, at times.  For example, believing that we have no right to experience joy and happiness when, in fact, so many of the world's population is suffering.   

I believe that to be a complete, whole, perfect human being entails our being able to accept, face and challenge all our feelings.  And, thus, continue to love ourselves through the process.  Cheers!!

Monday, August 8, 2011


I was going to a doctor appointment when I spotted an elderly woman, hands shaking like she had parkinson's, trying to open up the passenger side of her car.  Upon approaching the vehicle, trying to see if I saw anyone else with her - in the back seat, driver side or even in the front passenger seat.  I didn't see a single soul.  Nope not one person.  I gasped at the thought of this woman driving, much less ALONE!  Now don't get me wrong I love the eldery.  Volunteer with them every Tuesday.  To me they are a cool, hip population to work with.  I think they are bright and some are quick as lightening.  There's one name Blanche.  Blanche is quick-witted, very charming and smart.  Blanche told me she got a ticket.  She said that there was a car in front of her who also ran the red light, so she followed suit and made the right on light.  She told me that she recieved a ticket in the mail a week later.  We have cameras on street corners - watching everything we do nowadays.  I told Blanche to fight the ticket.  She said she would, but that she was afraid that once they found out her age - 90!!!- they would revoke her drivers license.  Another senior named Mr. A. is a holocoust survivor.  He has a lot of gitty-up in his step.  He gets around better than most 50 year olds I know.  He will - get this - turn 101!!!!!!!!!! years old in a couple of months.  And, that's not all, he just surrendered his license 3 months ago!!  Blanche is hard of hearing in her left ear and Mr. A wears hearing aids in both ears.  Now I ask you good folk -- JUST HOW OLD IS TOO DAMN OLD TO DRIVE A CAR? 

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