Friday, April 27, 2012


I did not graduate in the "normal" sense of the word.  I obtain my GED in 1980.  I scored VERY high in the science area of the test, which leads me to my story.  A couple of years ago while sleeping in bed I noticed something very unusual.  Whenever I would sleep on my left side I would burp.  When I first discovered this, I thought - hmmmmm - very interesting.  What's up with that?  When I would sleep on my right side - NOTHING!  Only when I slept on my left side would I pass gas.  Isn't that funny?  I mentioned this to my roomate - at that time - and he noticed it happening to him too.  Wow!  What a discovery.  Only took me 50 years to find out.  Has anyone else realized this phenomena? 

Although social work is a very rewarding, but not a very highly paid profession, I do feel that I missed my true calling and could have been rewared greatly financially.   Ha.  Cheers!!

Monday, April 23, 2012


I was watching The Doctors on CBS and one of the topics was about flirting.  Unbeknownst to me there are five ways in which people can flirt.  First, is the PHYSICAL.  People who flirt this way use touch to communicate.  They develop relationships quickly and seek the deepest emotional connection.  Those who use this form of flirting hope that the relationship lasts.  Second, is the TRADITIONAL way.  This form allows the man to "take the lead" - to be in charge - you know - pay for dinner.  LOL!  Third, is PLAYFUL.  This form allows for the "chase."  People who follow this form are very playful.  Batting eyes, smiling, romping.  Acting child-like but not childish.  It boosts self-esteem.  Fourth is the POLITE form of flirting.  I never heard of this form.  These people like rules.  They enjoy the slow approach.  They take their time.  The Pointer Sisters song "Slow Hand" comes to mind when I think of this approach.  Haha.  Last is the SINCERE approach.  These folk are interested in the emotional aspect of flirting.  Their interests lie in longevity.  The long haul.  According to the doctors on The Doctors the best ones are playful, traditional and the physical.  I like them all and at one point or other used them all.  All seem to have their pros and cons.  Which ones do you like and implement when you are flirting - even with your hubbys or wifeys, if you happened to be wedded kind?  Cheers!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A HUMAN INTEREST STORY: Progeria - The Aging Disease

Progeria is an aging disease which occurs in one of every 4 million births.  Doctors do not know the cause and there is no cure.  Progeria is a genetic disease, but it is not hereditary and can happen without any warning (I wonder can they detect it through amniosynthesis).  The illness is an auto-immune disease.  The children who suffer from this disease age 8 to 10 times faster than normal.  So, at the age of six these children can have the body of a sixty or seventy year-old person.  There are about 90 individuals world-wide who have this disease and there are none who have lived past the age of 14. 
20/20 aired an expose on this subject about a month ago.  My heart went out to these children and their parents and families as Barbara Walters interviewed them.  What struck me the most was the courage, compassion, spunk and sincerity displayed in their spirits.  These children are truly phenomenomal!  Although their bodies are limited, their spirits soar to great heights.  One little girl Barbara interviewed was six and ready to start first grade.  She wanted to ride the school bus to experience a feeling of "normalcy."  Because she was so small and her bones so weak, she had to practice getting on and off the bus before actually doing it for the first day of school.  She nailed it her first time.  While I take for granted that I have the good use of my body - I'm able to walk, run, jump, talk, see, hear, read and play - do just about anything I want to at WILL - the fearlessness and boldness these young, sick children showed gave me a new perspective on life.  I complain a lot less.  A very startling notion I got from watching these brave children is that they DO NOT want pity.  They taught me at a deeper level about compassion, courage and love.  They are thoughtful, charming, gentle, and just wonderful.  Cheers to them!!

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